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Have mosquitoes seemingly taken over your yard? Can you not enjoy your yard because of those itch-inducing nuisances? GreenPower Pest Control is proud to now offer mosquito control in addition to general pest treatments. We rid your property of these disease-carrying insects, so you can rest easy either in the yard, at the cookout, or in the pool.

With 10+ years experience having 100% Customer Satisfaction.

How do we manage mosquitoes?

We attack mosquitoes with a two-pronged approach. The first step is a barrier treatment in areas where mosquitoes like to land. Mosquitoes are some of the weakest flyers among insects. What that means is they must land every few seconds in order to regain the strength to take off again.

So where do mosquitoes like to land? Shady spots! Greenery and shrubbery, windows and awnings, and playground sets can all be hotspots for mosquitos. Our barrier treatment starts at these areas with a state of the art fogger. We mist a micro-capped solution so that when the mosquitoes land, they won’t be able to take off for much longer!

We also treat the yard area itself, as that can be a secondary location where mosquitoes will land as they look for a new shady spot to rest. With both of these locations treated, adult mosquitoes don’t stand a chance of annoying you this summer!

Second, we break up the egg cycle of mosquitoes through a larvicide treatment. If there is standing water on the property, we treat the water with an eco-friendly egg disruptor. This safe and effective treatment prevents the growth of mosquitoes to their adult stage. This way, even if a mosquito population is about to hatch, it will never be able to “grow up” and become a real nuisance. During this phase of treatment, we also will make recommendation as to certain Integrated Pest Management tactics you can employ as a homeowner to reduce mosquito populations to begin with!

Our mosquito service runs March through October as populations go dormant in the cold season. Mosquitoes have an affinity for Texas heat, so we make sure to treat during the correct time-frame.

No matter what your pest issue is, GreenPower Pest Control can solve it!

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Many inquire about the cost of professional pest control, and while factors vary, it’s often more affordable than expected. How much does it cost to have pests removed? We have the answers you seek.

Unlike other providers, at GreenPower Pest, we prioritize understanding your specific home before quoting a price. Here are some issues you may encounter with other companies:

Lack of appropriate pest control equipment.
Misidentification of pest-related issues.
Subpar pest elimination services that fail to resolve the problem.
The overall cost of pest control depends on various factors, and our team customizes quotes for each of our customers.
– Size of the home
– Types of bugs being treated
– Service location
Overall, our quarterly service subscription ranges from $30-50 per month depending on the issue. At GreenPower Pest, we provide affordable solutions without compromising quality. If you’re seeking reliable pest control services in Texas that won’t break the bank, look no further. We’re committed to delivering top-notch pest management while ensuring your budget remains intact.

Contact us today at (214) 234-9210 to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive inspection and quote. Our team at GreenPower Pest is dedicated to ensuring the health and comfort of your home environment.

Even the best pest control products on the market only offer a 90 day residual. Rather than charge you for bi-monthly service, we have found at GreenPower that quarterly service is the best bang for your buck when it comes to pest control. Once we flush-out the home of pests after our first visit, we return 90 days later to re-establish the barriers we initially setup. This keeps pest populations from coming back.

We also engage in product cycling to keep the pests guessing. Just like any species, bugs are adaptable creatures. The same products used again and again become less effective over time. To combat this, we switch up our products every 3 months to ensure pests cannot adapt.

Yes! We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Of course, standard reservices in between quarterly services happen. When the bugs come back, so do we for no charge! However, if you have call us more than twice in-between services for the same issue, your next service is on us. That’s how confident we are that we can conquer even the trickiest pest problems.

Yes! We hold a Commercial Applicator license from the Texas Department of Agriculture, and all of our technicians are properly trained and individually certified as well. We also are bonded and insured for all of our technicians and vehicles.